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Pirate Set




Type: (Furniture)



UI Shop


The Pirate Chair is an item in My Restaurant. Since the Alien Update, the price is static at 80k Cash cash instead of exponential growing. It used begin at an initial cost of 80,000 Cash Cash, and multiplies exponentially, to reach a max cost of 8,000,000, by a rate of 1.3x per purchase. Similar to the Gamer Table, Gamer Chair, and the Pirate Table, this furniture item increases in price the more you purchase it, making them harder to obtain as you progress. A pirate chair by itself gives a 10% chance to get a pirate, and when combined with a table it gives you a 20% to chance get a pirate. The Chair can be bought in the Shop (UI).

The Pirate Table is an item in My Restaurant. After the Alien Update, it now only costs 650k Cash cash at a static price. The Table can be bought in the Shop.

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